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MFC to Control Tempo on External MIDI Enabled Delay Pedals


New Member
Hi guys,

Thought I'd seek some help on this forum. Was wondering whether anyone has successfully used the MFC to control the tempo on an external MIDI enabled delay pedal (e.g. Strymon Timeline), connected to the Axe FX 2 via the FXL for input/output and connected to the MFC via a MIDI.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I've got it controlling the tap tempo on both my Pod HD Pro and my TC Electronic G-Major 2. I assigned IA 5 to tap and then, using MFC-Edit, assigned ch 1 midi to the Pod and ch 2 to the TC.



New Member
Thanks Shawngs. I noticed you have non-MIDI pedals connected to your MFC also? Are you using your MFC to toggle the non-MIDI pedals on/off + work together with presets?

If yes, how do you connect the non-MIDI pedals to the MFC? Since there are limited ports on the MFC. Its not like a looper pedal per se.

Thanks again for your kind reply.
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