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MFC Probs...Operator error


Hey Guys, I just updated my firmware but now it seems when I hit my presets it Goes to different Scenes. How do i fix this?


To sum it up. Switches 1 thru 5 at the bottom of the pedal board used to change presets. And they would sync up with what the Axe Fx would display.
Now ... when I go to change a preset all its brings up are the scenes.
I've scrolled through all the menu areas but can't seem to find a solution. Where is this in the menu?


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Sounds like the IA got switched on those buttons. In Edit mode, you can set them to whatever you want them to be. I don't have mine in front of me, but it's pretty intuitive.
Edit > MIDI > IA


That was it... I was in Reveal mode. All I had to do was toggle the Reveal button to go back to where I was.

thanks guys.
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