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MFC presets matching Axe FX beyond #384


New Member
I have created multiple new presets in the AXE FX (II XL PLUS) in the 400 range. The MFC only goes to 384. How do I access the newly added presets if the MFC only goes to 384??


which MFC model specifically do you have? original, mark ii or mark iii?

typically, it is best to move the presets on the Axe-Fx, as the MFC just reads what the Axe sends to it. you can use Axe-Edit, Tools, Manage Presets to Swap places of presets. put the ones you use up front.

the Mark III version had a feature to set what sections of presets to look at, so you could access the upper ranges without moving anything.


Fractal Fanatic
I believe you can also midi map presets in the axe fx, but still would be much easier to just move the presets you need to control to the a bank


New Member
I appreciate the reply. I have the Mark III. I had already moved them to a readable bank but I didn't want to move a bunch of presets to make room for my newly created ones. Just thought I was missing something. Instructions aren't the most user friendly for those of us a little more tec challenged.
I see this as an oversight with Fractal since I'm sure guitarists are creating a bunch of their own presets? Anyhow, thanks again.
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