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mfc-edit (OS X) Update Error (SOLVED!)


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I've been running mfc-edit v.5.2.

Choosing "Check For Update..." gives me this prompt:
"An update is available... download it now?"


Clicking on "Yes" apparently downloads the update, as it shows a progress bar:


...this, however, shows this warning --- "Failed update! Cannot run program /Applications/Fractal": error=2. No such file or directory"


I tried re-downloading the app from my Fractal account / order form, but I get the same results.


p.s. Java information:
java version "1.8.0_101"
Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_101-b13)
Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 25.101-b13, mixed mode)
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Thanks for the detailed debug and screenshots.
This is a known bug with version 5.2 - that's over a year out of date. You are doing the right thing downloading the latest. Here's the solution:
  • Drag MFC-Edit from your Applications folder into the Trash
  • In your home folder there's another folder called "MFC-101"
  • In that folder there will be a zip file called "mfc-edit-mac.zip"
  • Unzip that and double-click the mfc-edit.dmg file that appears
  • Follow the prompts
If that doesn't work then please open a support ticket and we'll take a look at it for you.


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Thank you. I think I figured this out.
Reasons why I haven't been able to update mfc-edit from 5.2 to 7.x are:
* My order page (from January 2017) / software download page has that version 5.2 only and sometime during this 5.2 installation, I changed the mfc-edit environment PATH (MFC-Edit UserHome) from ~/MFC101 to /User/Shared/Library/Fractal/MFC101 (and deleted ~/MFC101) thinking that prefs and dumps get saved there and that I don't ever manually have to open that dir. I personally don't want to clutter my home directory with application-specific directories. I also save a folders named "IR" and "SYX" inside /User/Shared/Library/Fractal.
* As you noted, 5.2 has an update bug so whenever I tried to update, it never actually did (even though it had downloaded the latest version into that MFC101 folder... and like I said, I never manually accessed that MFC101 folder!)

In hopes that I can replicate what I see, and for others who might've had the same issues, what I ended up doing:

* First, I installed from the dmg found inside MFC101 folder... Sure enough, like you said, there's a fresh installer. This installs version 7, and also creates ".mfcrc" in my home directory. I see that ~/.mfcrc saves the log path / PATH overrides
* But I wanted to make sure that I can replicate a correct, CLEAN installation, so I trashed the following: the mfc-edit app, ~/MFC101 and any other MFC101 folders I might've created for the mfc-edit installation (ex. /User/Shared/Library/Fractal/MFC101 in my case, which I created) ... and ~/.mfcrc that 7 creates...
(n.b., Actually, I saved some of my mfc dump / backup files in a temporary folder so I can reuse them later with a new mfc-edit installtion )
* Downloaded and installed 5.2 from my order page, dated January 19, 2017 The installer puts mfc-edit 5.2 in /Applications folder

* Launching this (...and without MFC101 folder) will bring up this dialog. Clicking on Yes creates the MFC101 folder. Say No to update.

* Quit the app, copied back my previously saved mfc dump/backup files into that MFC101 folder, relaunched the app... OK, so MFC-Edit 5.2 is running again.
* At this stage, proceeded with Update. What it does is, it downloads a new installer inside MFC101 folder. But the app quits! (i.e. the update bug in 5.2). So, locate that installer (which is obviously different from the version I got from my order/download page). And install it!


* Upon completion, the mfc-edit app in /Applications will be updated to 7.2...
* In an effort to always keep my directories organized, I moved the app to /Applications/Fractal Audio... which is where Axe-Edit, Cab-Lab, Fractal Bot, etc also live...

* I can confirm that by repeating above steps. 7.2 is working and I can load my old sys files from previous installations! Whew! :-D mfcedit_version5.png mfcedit_thankyou.png mfcedit_newinstall.png mfcedit_newinstall7.png


Thanks again, and keep up the great work!


Wow! Thanks for taking the time to post such a detailed solution for our other users. Another tidbit that might help is reinitializing MFC-Edit so that it looks like a totally fresh install, even if it isn't. For most MAC users the command would look like this:

/Applications/MFC-Edit.app/Contents/MacOS/mfc-edit.sh -clear initialize

Running this command from a Terminal session, after first making sure that MFC-Edit isn't running, will reset MFC-Edit to its initial state. Of course, if you have installed MFC-Edit into another location, say /Applications/Fractal Audio/MFC-Edit.app, then you would use that in the command line instead.


New Member
Thanks for the info.
I tried it just to see what it does, and it gave me all sorts of errors so I tried to find a workaround and I think I did, so I thought I'd report it. :)

OK, so I did this in the shell: /Applications/Fractal\ Audio/MFC-Edit.app/Contents/MacOS/mfc-edit.sh -clear initialize

The terminal output:
-clear initialize
Java execution EXIT STATUS = 1
The 'clear initialize' also wipes out PATHNAMEs and registration.
(i.e., Fractal Bot and Axe-Edit paths have to be set in the app, and registration code re-entered).

Also: It seems that MFC-Edit 7.2 wants to be in /Applications (i.e., not /Applications/SomeOtherFolder) and it doesn't want ~/.mfcrc (it needs to be deleted first) before doing /Applications/MFC-Edit.app/Contents/MacOS/mfc-edit.sh -clear initialize
so that it works properly. Upon which, it creates "MFC-101" folder in the home directory.

Any other way (such as having the app inside /Applications/Fractal\ Audio) and/or having ~/.mfcrc already will give a variety of errors such as 1) creating "MFC-101" folder with "docs" and "dump" subfolders with no content (i.e. no example.sys or manuals etc), or 2) resulting in "mfc-edit.sh: line XXX: .....no such file or directory" errors.

At any rate, a clean install of MFC-Edit accomplished! :)
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