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MFC-Edit has Reached End of Life

Admin M@

Fractal Audio Systems

In a joint decision by Fractal Audio Systems and the program's creator, MFC Edit has been discontinued and is no longer available for sale in the Fractal Audio Systems store.

On behalf of all involved, thanks for many years of your enthusiasm about the editor for our first generation foot controller.
The program's author will continue to support current customers, and we'll do our best as always via our official support channels.


I was among the beta testers when he started the software. I never bought it, because I never needed it due to my very simple setup. But it was definitely an upgrade to configuring via hardware, even more compared to the Axe II and Axe-Edit.

@Flopro, I guess the software is as good as it gets. Since the MFC doesn't get updates anymore, I think you'll be fine with the version you have. You bought if for a reason, right?

However, I +1 @ElectricPhase's complaint. This would have been a nicer way to handle the end of selling that software.


I was literally going to buy this today! I understand not supporting it any further, and wouldn’t expect updates, but I would still buy it, and I can’t believe no one wants my money for little further effort.
I’m in an end of life laptop on its last possible OS update, and using a mfc whose firmware is never going to change, so all together I’ve got a stable system that could serve me years, and mfc edit in its current state would work for as long as my laptop physically held together.
Can anyone help me out?


I do not understand. The axe II and the mfc are in no way outdated. Because the Axe 3 came out a huge amount of axe 2 (and mfc's) are finding a new home. These new owners will all want to program the mfc to their liking. When the FM3 comes out another wave of axe 2 machines will change owner... Why discontinue? Does a link like that take up so much space on the site?


Fractal Fanatic
Why was the editor for sale in the first place?
Axe Edit isn't, so why is this?

Anyway, if you don't want to sell it, give it away for free.
As said, there are plenty of MFC owners that need it, so not providing it in any way makes no sense to me...
Afaik, FAS didn't create the software but bought it from a 3rd party.


Many thanks to @bwanagary for creating, developing and maintaining this software during the last five(?) years! And a special thank you for providing Linux versions until the end ;)
You are most welcome. It was a labor of love. It was a fun project and I've thoroughly enjoyed working with Fractal Audio Systems, their personnel, the community and all the friends I have made here.
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