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MFC-101 SysEx Decode Utility

Rich G.

I recently created a Windows 10 command line MFC-101 SysEx decoder utility that produces a csv file output that can be imported into an Excel spreadsheet. The accompanying spreadsheet further decodes the csv into a report format. It has tabs for Presets, Switches, Songs, Sets and Info.

I'm thinking other MFC-101 users might find this useful. If you're interested in checking it out, send me a PM and I'll get it to you. This is my first pass at it and could use some feedback.

Some things to note:
1. This is NOT an editor. It only decodes an existing MFC-101 SysEx file.
2. This is a Command Line utility.
3. You need to have Excel and be familiar with importing CSV files, Copy/Paste.
4. This is for Windows
5. It only works with MFC-101 Version 3.08 files. I have no plans on making it backward compatible.

Here's a screen shot of the Presets tab.
MFC Decode.png
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