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Implemented Metronom


New Member
Does the III really not provide a Metronom? This was nice tool for practice in the II. In the wiki I found such comment
"The Axe-FX III does not provide a metronome."


I posted this previously:
"How about a metronome block? I think that would be an awesome practice tool to have built-in. From how I understand things, with the FC-6 or FC-12 you could have a metronome layout that gives quick access to time signature, tempo, and volume controls. Or just a single footswitch where holding the button bypasses/engages the block and tapping it sets the tempo."

This would be a fantastic feature for teaching and so forth.


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I'll second this request. I use the metronome in the AX8 for practice all the time.

And considering the bad timing of so many guitarists maybe it should always be turned on by default (just kidding - sort of).

Dr. Dipwad

oh yes, a metronom block you could put where you want in the layout, and add delay to it :)


At that point you'd have to ask, "What would the metronome sound be? Just a click, or could you upload some kind of audio clip that'd be played back in a loop?"

And then: If it's a clip, must it play endlessly until stopped? Or can you set it to play once and then stop?

And: How long can the clip be?

And, how do you trigger the clip to start at such-and-such a time? How do you synch it to MIDI time?

At that point you have a new block which isn't precisely a looper, but has some of the same underlying capability.

And to be honest, "pre-recorded clip playback" is of more interest to me than a looper (although the looper is cool, too). When playing live, I'm more interested in tapping a button to trigger a sound to play for a certain duration then fade away, while I start playing something else. (E.g. the sustained last note of the solo in Rush's "Limelight.")

Anyhow, if you're gonna put echo on the click, someone's gonna ask why the click isn't a side-stick or a conga. And then, why not a repeated bass note, or a whole 2-bar rhythm clip of Porcaro's beat to "Rosanna." (Always more fun than a metronome click, y'know.)

So I figured I'd cut to the chase and take us to the natural end of the conversation! :D


Yes I miss the metronome as well. Especially liked it when using the LOOPER block but also just in general it is a great practice tool including at band rehearsals. I loved being able to activate it with a midi button


Could one just plug their smartphone into one of the extra input channels and use that (with some sort of metronome app, of which I'm sure there are tons) to have at least a working solution in the meantime ?
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