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Metallica - Sad But True - Instrumental cover


It's the black album's 30th anniversary this year and I had to make a tribute to one of the most celebrated albums of all time.

I used one of my ENGL Savage presets for the rhythm guitars and solos and one of my Dual Recto lead presets for the lead/chorus melody part. For the bass I made a new bass patch specifically for this song. The drums were done with Superior Drummer 3, using a kit from the Rock Foundry SDX.

Hope you enjoy! 🤘



Great song. Excellent recording. What the hell are you drinking?! Looks nasty!
I'm drinking a frape, at least that's what we call it here in Cyprus. It's coffee mixed in a blender which in turn becomes coffee "foam". Add water/cream and ice and you're good to go!

Awesome loved the video sounds great. Got a good chuckle with the pauses for a drink. :)
That puts a huge grin on my face! :D

OH hell yeah brother! I just love this song. Brings me back. Nailed it man.
Right on! 🤘
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