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Metallica GRAMMYs Taylor Swift


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Lang lang was a very cool guy and is the UN's International Ambassador for Peace.
His life story is pretty dramatic. You should check it out.

I think in context, this may have been a career move... a way of attaching something to him other than classical piano.

I actually thought Bob Ezrin's arrangement was really cool (but then, I was also in the room when it was debuted, and energy was up.) Creating such a work of music for this ensemble would indeed be a challenge. Who better!?

Metallica have been fantastic to work with. Very gracious. Their crew is non-stop awesome.
Very cool. Thanks for the updates and good news. Keep up the excellent work M@.

moo cow

after the cool piano intro, me and my wife hid our ears from the over the top piano player. he solo'd the whole song. just awful song composition (of course IMHO). BUT, shout out to FAS for a big night. it's awesome to see Fractal blowing up on the Grammies!
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Its great news for Fractal and many more will start the change.

Now as for the sound of Metallica... i will just say that who ever was behind the mixing board deserves a punch in the face!..... and Kirk need to do a lot of practicing too....

Taylor Swift was perhaps my favourite, the sound was great and she was looking specially beautiful too, not so much that airhead girl look but a more mature one, her voice is angelical.


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No, he hasn't.

"Every Nails tour I’ve done, there’s been a different rig built. This one we’re doing now (the Tension 2013 tour) there’s no audio on the stage; it’s just a midi-switcher. In the rack offstage is a Kemper Profiler and that’s basically my amp source. I’ve got three drawers of pedals that live in the RJM switching system."
Matt talks to these artists on a daily basis. The quote you have there is out of date. When Matt says Robin has changed to an all Fractal rig he means he has ditched Kemper.


Not too impressed with Metallica. Their sound seemed dry and could have done without the piano.
The guitar and bass sounded over compressed to me. I wonder if the mix was the culprit?

Unfortunately on my system at home, Metallica had one of the worst mixes of the night. The guitars did not sound good as compared to other acts featuring guitars, like Keith Urban.

I know what the AxeFx can do, so I'm thinking they compressed the crap out of the guitars at the desk.


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Not that my opinion matters but here it is anyway:

All points begin with "In My Opinion".....

* Guitar tones sounded stellar. Simply fantastic.

* Piano did not stomp all over the guitars. It was mixed within the context of the performance with the obvious intent of highlighting the piano performance. Within that context, the mixed was balanced well for a live performance. (At least via headphones)

* I've never been a big fan of Kirk's playing but I do not share the same comments made earlier regarding him bending out of tune and the issues surrounding his vibrato. His playing sounded very "Kirk" like and was actually played "better" than a lot of other times I've heard him.

Overall I thought it was a very cool performance with a unique twist to an arrangement they've played hundreds (if not thousands) of times. Why not have some "artistic" fun with it. Looks like they had a freakin' blast doing it!

kudos to Metallica, Lang lang and Fractal!
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My first reaction to Metallca's performance last night was not favorable. I love the fact that the band takes chances and does off the wall things, but all I could hear was the plinking of the piano. I'm going to give it another listen with headphones to see if that changes things.

Also, I thought Taylor Swift and her band sounded great. I'll admit, I used to rag on her voice a few years ago, but she has really worked hard and her range has really improved. On a side note, does anyone notice that as she ages that she is starting to morph into what Faith Hill looked like when she was young. Maybe it's part of her masterplan to replace her and steal Tim McGraw away....then she can write another song about him :lol


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The Metallica performance was interesting. I loved the idea of the piano addition, just not sure it was implemented as well as it could have been. The mix was an issue for sure, and agreed, Lars HH was indeed irritating.

Was never a huge Metallica fan, but I appreciate them. Kirk wasn't horrible on the leads, but they could have been a lot tighter. May have just been a so-so night for him, we all have 'em.

The best tone out of the bunch for me? The bass rig! Sounded fantastic. Both Kirk and James rigs sounded really good, agree that it sounded like the board was compressing them a tad, but all in all the tone was right on. Kudos to Fractal!


The recordings of Metallica's performance on Youtube do not convince me. The sound quality is just bad, there are lots of compression artefacts in the top end. Someone has to find a better one.

retro_dad said:
Maybe it's part of her masterplan to replace her and steal Tim McGraw away....then she can write another song about him
Fun fact: Her song "Tim McGraw" is actually not about him :p

A to the T

You know what I like about Metallica? They still do whatever the F**k they want since day one. :applause:

Seriously though, why are you watching, listening, and even posting about it if you are so tired of it?
Watching and listening out of interest and because they've been my fav band since I bought RTL in 1985.
Posting in order to share my opinion. Just like you.

Doing whatever they like is respectable. Releasing a bluegrass collaboration just wont do it for me and not why I liked them in the first place. Love tallica but always had trouble drinking their post justice coolaid. I did enjoy DM though.


I thought it sounded awesome. Unlike another company who I won't mention but rhymes with fine sticks, fractal really has reinvented the guitar amp. Congrats cliff and fractal. I'm glad I get to be along for the ride.


Should also be said that James did a fantastic job of leading lang back to the click in the intro of the song. Totally pro.


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I'm a bit concerned for Fractal pushing the newsfeed of Metallica using the Axe Fx. Each of these videos of them playing outfitted with the Axe do not sound very inspirational. I honestly feel this is detrimental to the image of Fractal. We should be real honest with ourselves and understand if the band wasn't named Metallica, these videos would not be worth sharing/discussing.

I say this as an AxeFx lover and someone who really spreads the word to all that I can.
John Legend was bad ass....i think metallica has serious mixing issues when its about tv stuff. Performance and the arrangement is another topic.
Its just a show and an experiment.
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