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Metal Patches for use with a QSC K12


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They're 1000w! Not loud enough..?


Perhaps you could try backing off the lower end in your patches and letting the Bass Guitar handle those duties..?
Patch is drive(mid boost)--amp(euro2)--cab(some 4x12).

I don't know what the hell is going on. I bought it because it was a renowned powerhouse. When I try to compete in a small room with an acoustic kit and a bass going through a cab - it limits (blue led comes on and it sounds like it gates my sound or something - then it comes back after a moment)! Specifically when I am doing some djenty rhythm muting.

Thanks for your suggestions guys. I'll try both of them next chance I get.


New here
Hi there,

I use a QSC KW122 which I think is the same output (1000w) as the K12. I play in metal band (From Tragedy - Southern Cross) with sequenced sounds, additional guitar player, drummer, bass, 4 vocals and I can assure you that I ear my AXEFX loud and clear through the KW122. I think at one point you have to take the time and ensure that everybody is not overplaying every one in terms of volume and make ajustment to ensure sound level is equal and audible. When playing live this monitor delivers big time and I wouldn't change it for anything.

I think that putting your monitor at a designated level and adjusting with the output of the AXEFX is a great solution to ensure your monitor is doing the right thing.

Can't wait to try those patches you referenced.


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if the k12 is not loud enough, god help your hearing. mine will get painful really quick, plenty of volume .


Here are a few patches I use with the K12. They are set up for live use at a loud volume. For lower volumes you will probably want add some more low end to the patch. The ENGL & Mark IV are fairly metal, the CA3 more of an 80s rock/metal tone & I threw in the Hipower patch b/c I really like it. I use it for Melt with You by Modern English in a cover band & it works really well.


Thanks heaps for posting these, and thanks all for your advice on volume. I am not much of a gear nerd - and pretty much just used to standard "cab and head" rigs for my first 10 years of playing. I went from this straight to a FRFR setup with the axefx and am a bit lost when it comes to tweaking. I tend to just put in an amp and cab in the chain and turn it up. I think I expected the experience of my previous setup to directly translate to the FRFR setup.
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