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Mesa Mark V Petrucci Clean Preset Request

Can anyone direct me to the right place/location/patch name or able to provide a really good Mesa Mark V Petrucci Clean Preset (or a few of them with variations (fxs, tone, etc ...))?

I have a Mesa Mark V which I have been keeping due to the clean channel (I don't really use the other two channels even though I do like them) and I am hoping I can get that clean channel for a live AXE FX II preset patch.

I have considered doing a stereo set-up with the Mark V for cleans (and some rhythms and leads) and the AXE FX II for cleans, rhythms, leads, etc .... as well but it would be great to just take the Mark V out of the set-up and use just one power amp and stereo cab.

I know about the AXE Exchange but instead of going through many patches trying to find the right one I thought someone here might have already found the perfect one or perfect ones for this type of tone or tones.

I appreciate any help that you can provide and Happy New Year!!!


there are tone matches of every MKV channel and mode on Axechange i think. Someone posted them up here not that long ago
Cool, and thanks, plus if anyone has specific ones that they found sounded great or without bugs please let me know the specific name of them or please post a link here.

I did try a few myself and I found they had bugs in them and didn't sound that great.

I will use my JPX6 when I try them out to get a Petrucci tone comparison.


i built my clean patch using the USA Clean 1 to get the mark v clean sound. I had a mark v head that I had to sell awhile back when i bought my house and with my JPX its nearly dead on.


Cab Pack Wizard
there are tone matches of every MKV channel and mode on Axechange i think. Someone posted them up here not that long ago

Tone matches for clean tones isn't going to capture the whole tone in the same way as an overdriven tone. Basically... clean tones are more about the dynamic side like transients etc.

Isn't the Mark V clean the same clean channel that's on the Roadster, Road King and Lonestar? You should get extremely close with Shiver Clean and Cali cab or the Lonestar with gain lowered and Cali cab... and yes Cali cab for Petrucci tones. :)


I had a mk V before i bought the axe and i currently use the shiver clean to get a petrucci 'absolutley no breakup whatsoever' clean tone which i used to get on channel one of the head.

also - no the clean is different from the amps you mentioned....its deffiently not the same as my friends Roadster clean channel
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