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Mesa Mark IV - Still Hurts


Great tone man! Really like it. The other two clips are great as well. Are they all done with the Axe II?


Fractal Fanatic
Hi.. Thanks a lot. It´s all AXII. Leadtone only. The rest is a backingtrack i found somewhere.

Both as a "amp" and as a interface. No additional effects or editing. Used garageband to make thing as simple as possible.

I´ve got a Cubase soundcard, M-audio and Apogee. I like the AXII as a interface for guitartones.

I used my Yamaha SG1802 with P90´s.

I´ll share it as soon as i get around midi-ox or something..


Fractal Fanatic
Thanks. First time i`ve play a intrumental cover(almost). Sfogli has more mids, but i really liked how the tone blends with the rest of the "band".

torkolort: Ja lyden er knallfin IMO :)


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It's very cool, dude. Lots of feel, which is more important than technical accuracy. You're right, the tone does sit very nicely!


This makes me wanna fire up my axe and Garage band, but I have to work on school stuff ...,

(that's why I am hanging out here, right? ... who am I kidding ...)

but to comment on this tone ...


and to comment on playing

S W E E T N E S S!


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Don´t kill me for doing this song. I´ve never learned it properly, so there is some real mess in here. But i wanted to hear someone´s opinion on the tone.
When i play it, it should be named: This REALLY Hurts....

I don't know the song so I can't cast the first stone. :razz... I will say this though... "great playing!". I thoroughly and truly enjoyed that. Thanks for sharing Kriig.
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