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Merging presets into scenes


What will be the easiest way to make a preset with scenes where i can merge 2 or 3 presets that i already have ( simple amp and cab layout). I tried copy and pasting the amps and cabs blocks from the original presets, but i have to be opening and closing the scenes preset and opening and closing the other 2 presets to copy and paste. Is there is a way that i could open the scenes preset and the other presets side by side?


Not necessarily, just want suggestions of how to make a scenes preset using 2 or 3 single presets as the "scenes" of the scenes preset. For example using preset #2 and 4 and merging them into just one scenes preset.


oh, you just have to do it manually really. don't worry about the actual order of things at first i guess.

just Recall the blocks you want from the other presets into a new blank preset (I forgot if the block has to exist in the preset first before you use the Recall Effect function). then once everything is in move stuff around the way you want.

really no easy way.


I am doing something similar to this. Basically...I created a SS that lists every amp and cab for each of the stock presets. Now I am combining and renaming everything to the real amp name and using scenes to make it act like the real amp. For example...instead of 50w normal...50w high...100w...I'm combining all the presets into one preset and renaming 1959 Marshall super lead. I wasn't really able to find a quick way to do it...I've just been taking note of the amp/cab settings used in the stock preset and manually making them identical in the new preset. If anyone has a better way let me know. If not...I'll just keep going...either way...I find this stuff fun...and I'm learning a lot in the process.
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