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Megadeth - Symphony of Destruction solo cover


FAS Social Media Advocate
To me, Marty Friedman wrote some of the most amazing and interesting solos ever. His phrasing, vibrato, note choice and his weird picking technique made him so incredibly unique, and Symphony of Destruction by Megadeth has one of my favorite solos from Marty. So after watching Rick Beato's What Makes This Song great video about this song, I decided to record my cover of the solo today. This was a pain in the ass to get right 😂 the backing track is Megadeth, lead guitar is me using my Suhr Modern into my Axe-Fx III using a slightly modified version of this preset from edo, https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/megadeth-tornado-of-souls-free-preset.162972/#post-1954311. I changed the IR's and the eq a bit to my taste, see the screen shots below.
What’s your favorite Marty Friedman solo?


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