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Megadeth Countdown to Extinction tone


I'm not sure If this is the best place to post this because I don't necessarily want to tone match. But I am looking to try and achieve the tone from countdown to extinction. Like the beginning of Skin o my teeth or symphony of destruction. That whole album has great tone.

I know they used CAE 3+ into a VHT power amp and marshall cabs with v 30's. He also used JB pickups which I have. I have dialed in all of those things and I just can't get there. There is a very percussive property. Some parts of the album it almost sounds like he is driving his speakers into break up but I'm not sure. And I wouldn't know how to duplicate that if that's the case.

Any one have any thoughts? I don't want to use it as my main tone but I'd like to see if I can duplicate it for the hell of it.

Thanks guys!!


You could adjust the motor drive parameter in the cab block. This can cause some compression. You can also try the pick attack parameter in the Amp block. Those tracks are all probably doubled too, so that might be part of why it doesn't sound quite right.


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I get real close with the Brit pre but the post eq is were you get that tone. up the lows and highs, pull the mids. a very tight single repeat delay helps to make it large.


IIRC, they used the Tube Works Real Tube for rhythms. The CAE3+ was used for clean and leads.
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