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Megadeth-Countdown To Extinction Tone Match


Using this first patch, I tonematched countdown and rust in peace, leads and rhythms if any one want's it?
CTE lead from symphony, RIP rhythm from holy wars and RIP lead from the tornado of souls solo.


Here's my edit with CTE and RIP
Scenes are:
1 - CTE rhythm (TM from Symphony)
2 - CTE lead (TM from Symphony solo)
3 - RIP Rhythm (TM from Holy Wars)
4 - RIP Marty Lead (TM from Tornado solo)
5 - RIP Dave Lead (TM from Holy Wars Solo)

Done from a EBMM JP15 on a Mark 2 :)


  • Megadeth-CTERIP.syx
    27.6 KB · Views: 88


New Member
I am looking forward to trying this, but cannot get it to play when loaded into my XL+, anybody know if I need to use fractool on it to work properly? I am still new to the Axe XL+ and haven't used the fractool before. Thanks.
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