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McIntosh Solid State


New Member
Just out of curiosity has anyone used any Fractal unit with a MC2300 or MC2500? I am not looking for one because it’s impractical to gig with, I just want to know what it was like. I wish McIntosh would make a 1U stereo power amp just for modelers. The Dead Heads would go crazy for them.


Power User
I kept trying to put the AxeFX into the FX loop return on my ODS build, then out to the cab, with the cab block bypassed. Sounded pretty bad. Just out of curiosity I hooked up my old Adcom 60W amp instead. Sounded great!!

So I imagine any good amp is going to sound pretty good.


Fractal Fanatic
Any Head who's committed enough to want to use a McIntosh probably wouldn't also be willing to use a modeler... but I'd love to hear it if someone did!
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