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may be stupid Questions on FW15...



As I saw in realease notes, the SAT switch is now compliant with the real amps
- so let's take the Bassguy 59 model with no Sat switch on the actual one, when I put the Sat switch ON with AE, there is no saturation and no difference in sound: is that correct ? or do I have an issue ?

In the same idea, I have the feeling that Presence/Depth knobs have less drastic effects on tone than they previously have , depending on amps again... my ear, placebo effects ? or if the real amp has no Depth knob for example, then the Depth knob on AF2 model will don't change anything ?
PS: i have installed the new AE 3.010.

Another question, not directly attached to FW15: I decided to introduce in my presets 2 cab blocks to mix the advantage and tone of cabs when it makes sense: For example a MGE LIve 05 with a ST 05, each panned -25/+25
For your experiences, is it a good idea ? do I make it right ? or in fact is it better to have only 1 cab to take the more benefits of a given amp tone ?

otherwise i'm exploring the FW15 on a dozen of presets and sounds really great... now will explore the new presets. A awesome WE !
thanks for your feedbacks.



Well no you are not having an issue unless I am too. The Sat switch does nothing on its own when clicked on using the 59 Bassguy patch....

I am sure we will be advised...

I am starting to shut off the compression block in favor of the one inside the Amp/Dynamics area. Sweet...:pride:


I use 2 cabs quite a bit. I like the way it gives a nice stereo spread and can make the combination of cabs sound very different from just 1.


Thanks spikey: clear for That point
See other thread on Sat ... And i do prefer the old behavior, simpler to use
Just tried the new Compressor In ampli block: not fan so far , to be tested more later

Other advices for the 2 cabs or 1 cab configurations ?


Fractal Audio Systems
The Sat (saturation) circuit is located between the preamp and power amp. If the model doesn't have much preamp gain, e.g. 59 Bassguy, then the sat switch will have little effect. A real amp would exhibit the same behavior. Amps like this get all their distortion from the power amp.

The effect of the Presence and Depth is consistent with the behavior of the real amp and depends on the amount of negative feedback. As you decrease negative feedback the presence and depth controls have less effect (as in a real amp). Also, as you increase Master Volume the presence and depth may appear to be less effective (key word is "appear") as the power amp distorts more and this masks the effect of the controls.


Thanks JJ
and can You elaborate a little on the conditions or context to prefer a 2 cabs?


Thanks Fractal for the explanations- ! I knew we would be advised :mrgreen

Ill play with it more on a higher gained amp.

And are you separating the cabs much JJ? Mine are current in back line and stacked on top of each other...

I guess they would have to be for the stereo spread huh....


Thanks Cliff to take Time over your WE !! So Nice to have directly your views on questions !
So that´s clear , Perfectly understood
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