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Matched up to my beloved Orange RV50 mrkll, best of both worlds!!


New Member
I use the AxeFX 3 With my Orange RV50 with a 2x12 cab using the 4 cable method, in the same patch I created simulated RV50 with both having identical time based fox loops, simulated amp/cab and fx’s out to FOH, They sound identical. They both share the same pre signal chain because my guitar is plugged into the AXEFX3 then it’s split. Hope this makes sense. I did this for redundancy reasons, if either unit, the real amp or the AXEFx3 fails to work I have an instant back up, they would both have to fail at the same time for the show not to go on. Plus it looks cooler on stage with an amp, let’s be honest. I will say having the AFX3 going into and through the real amps fix loop makes it sound amazing!! The best of both worlds, and I don’t have to use a mic on the cabinet. Thank you Fractal!!!
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