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Massive shout out to G66


Fractal Fanatic
I think G66 need recognition for how good their customer service is! There is no better dealer that I have worked with when it comes to support, turnaround and consistency! Not to mention how friendly and understanding they are.

One example of many is I had an issue with my MFC's power supply which I had not used (I was always using FASLink), and when I finally took the power supply out of the box recently for my AxeFX3 I found it wasn't working. I got in touch with Sussi and explained the situation, and she promptly sent me a replacement without any hesitation.

You guys are great ambassadors for Fractal and other products! We are safe in the EU with your support and service! Thank you!


They would have to be excellent to be held to the standards of the US based FAS support mothership!...and all reports here point to that...


Fractal Fanatic
I have no doubts whatsoever their customer service is beyond awesome. And the chocolates are always a tasty well appreciated treat. I just wish they weren't so damn expensive. And while I can understand that they have to work with import duties, or as I call it government sponsored highway robbery, it still adds the equivalent of almost the price of a Helix LT compared to what Americans pay for the same thing.

And that just has got to scare away customers that otherwise would have bought an Axe FX. It had me scared me away for years, as I've wanted one for like since the first Axe FX came on the scene, opting for Line 6 gear instead. It would also be nice of G66 followed Fractal as they do their black friday sales. Seeing Axe FX going for massive discounts in the US while the G66 price stays the same, not a good feeling.
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