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Marshall Silver Jubilee vs Brit Silver

Anand Mahangoe

Hi !
Here is a quick comparison between the Marshall Silver Jubilee 2555X and the Fractal Audio FM3 Brit Silver model.
Can you guess which is the real TUBE amp and which is the DIGITAL ???

I will drop the answer soon !


First of all : This is NOT a video about which is better or worse...To me they are both great TOOLS and depending on the live gig , I will choose which rig to use ;) Second : I did NOT spend more than 5 min dialling in the Fractal AMP...it sounds great in my ears and extremely close to the real TUBE amp....If really necessary,
I could get closer in details BUT that was not my goal with this video. The Marshall 2555X just arrived today so I wanted to show how well the Brit Silver sounded !

For studio recording my preference goes to the real tube amp :)
Just because somehow the "Feel & Response " is different ....

Routing Real Tube Amp : Gibson ES335 Translucent Brown - Fractal Audio FM3 (Tubescreamer) - Marshall Silver Jubilee - Suhr Reactive Load - Fractal Audio FM3 with ML PR75 SM75-R121 Mix (Speaker Impulse) - Plex Delays - RME Fireface 800 Audio Interface - Logic X

Routing Fractal Audio FM3: Gibson ES335 Translucent Brown - Tubescreamer - Brit Silver AMP - CAB with ML PR75 SM75-R121 Mix - Plex Delays - RME Fireface 800 Audio Interface - Logic X

All the settings are the same in both presets.....


Anand Mahangoe

Great World we live in that both the FAS model as well as the Tube amp sound killer……only thing What is very difficult to ‘show’ is what feel it gives to the player when playing the real amp….nonetheless : ME is very very happy with both setups….


B sounds best both in mix and alone, much smoother with sustained notes blooming into more harmonic content. So if it’s the FM3 then Wow. I would think B is the real amp. Also, if it‘s possible to detect how feel is effecting playing I go with B too.


I prefer B. Sounds like A has more compression, meaning less dynamics. Lacks the note bloom B has. Did you match the master volumes carefully?

Anand Mahangoe

As promised , some dry riffs.......Fractal sounding bit clearer / sharper and I am sure with some more time tweaking it could sound 'warmer' if you wish...I found it close and good enough :)



Wow, that’s incredible! You couldn‘t ask for a closer match. There’s a bit of a difference, but I’m not sure if I would say one is better than the other. So much so, that now I’m questioning if ”B” above was the amp or the FM3. The only thing that would make a real difference would be feel and response which is impossible to know. Cool choice of stuff to play.👍


Fractal Fanatic
We have the same taste Anand - RATM is my favorite band and that Lenny Kravitz riff is my sound check riff.

Great job with the matches - I agree that in a mix (or especially live), we are just splitting hairs.
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