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Marshall Satriani Preset (4 scenes) + looking for feedback

I don't think its anything new, for people to upload presets that you think sound a bit crappy... or that others rave as to how good they are, but you think they bite a little or maybe a lot. That may suggest how much playing style and guitar pickups contribute. On that note, I'm curious to hear what people think of the preset below... what's lacking, what's wrong with it, bearing in mind it was created for humbuckers and my guitar (Music Man Majesty) has pickups that are a bit heavy in the midrange (and I had to dial that back a touch in order to make the scenes cut through the mix better). Also, on their own, the scenes may sound a touch bright, but they seem to sound good with my guitar and when playing to backing tracks, rather than as a 'solo' instrument. Thanks in advance.

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