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Marshall 1960 BX, G12H30 and G12M25


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Hi again!

Here's some 150 IR's for you to play with. This time it's the BX, so the upper speakers have usable tone too! I sampled all the speakers, A and D are G12H30 and B&C are G12M25 greenbacks.

This time the microphones are:
Shure SM58
Shure SM7
sE X1r (ribbon)
sE Voodoo VR1 (ribbon)
Sennheiser MD441

MIC+DI-method, high quality 70´s API clone preamp. "00"-captures are in the nastiest possible location in the center, then starting from there, usually the movement to next number is small, but there are big jumps too where I reset the location completely. (Who says there has to be any logic in this!) Use low cut with the ribbon mics, they have lots of low end!

Here's the zip:

Here are the previous sessions in case you're intrested:
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THANKS for sharing ! I have to admit I'm not really familiar with the sounds of the G12H30's .... But I LIKE what I'm hearing so far !


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No, they're shot with Axe. What would be a good software for making impulses in wav? I'd love to make longer wavs for future proofing.
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