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Mark IIC+7 String Vid


Power User
Sweet playing man! cd is great by the way. How did you get that cool intro thing you do for cruise control? Was it the Ultra?


Wow, that was awesome! Very cool playing and sweet song!

What pickups do you have in your Universe if you don't mind me asking? They don't look stock.


Thanks a bunch for all the kind words! @ sammetal91 thanks for getting the album, glad you're digging it! @ Valtiel the pickups in my universe are Evo7 in the Bridge and Air Norton7 in the neck.


Fractal Fanatic
very cool playing and excellent technique!
Your're one of the very rare cases, where the production needs to keep up with the playing ;)
more stereo spread and depth for the leads would be nice.
A tone with more identity, a reverb with predelay timed to the bpm, or a flanger 35% on the left and a phaser 35% on the right, if you know what I mean. Add a little colour, your playing deserves it!


Thanks again guys! Don, you're right on. Those are great suggestions im definitely gonna try that. How would you time the reverb predelay to the song bpm?
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