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Mark Day's Ultra presets?


Power User
I checked Axe-change, but there are only a handful of Axe-FX II presets from Mark...

Does anyone happen to have some of his gen-1 presets?


this is what i found in my syx files


  • 1372 - MarkD Harem Scarem.syx
    2 KB · Views: 247
  • 1323 - Mark Marsha Journey.syx
    2 KB · Views: 214
  • 1324 - Mark Marsha Journey1.syx
    2 KB · Views: 220
  • 1332 - Mark D Weezer.syx
    2 KB · Views: 203
  • 1291 - Mark's LeTekro 2.syx
    2 KB · Views: 204
  • 1352 - MarkD AnyWay You HBE.syx
    2 KB · Views: 214
  • 717 - Mark's Evil RhythmEQ.syx
    2 KB · Views: 225


Power User
Thanks Mate, there were 3 in your list that I didn't already have (the other 4 were already saved in my syx files collection).

Anyone else have any more of Mark's goodies (for Gen 1)?

Mark Pritchard

I have an AX8 and I’m after @Mark Day Anyway you want it HBE preset, has anyone got it for either the Axe II or AX8? I can use Fractool to convert from AXII but it doesn’t work from Ultra to AX8.
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