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Mandolin Preset



Does anyone have a suitable preset which models the sound of a mandolin? I tried several pitchshifter adjustments but am not really happy with the outcome yet.

Thank you!


Power User
I found that playing up an octave and using the pitch shift to add a lower octave sounded better than the reverse.

In the end, I just played the upper octave with my piezo and acoustic "cab" but it was a passing mandolin part, not a feature.


Use a pitch block with a slight detune sharp 3cts. Then attach the pitch to envelope and make it go sharper based on pick attack. The harder you pick the sharper the detune effect. from 3-8 cts is about the right range.

Then of course you have to think "upside down" when you play riffs and scales to make a fourths tuned instrument like the guitar sound like a fifths tuned instrument like the violin or mandolin.
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