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Make your own iPad stylus


I recently picked you an new iPad. I was looking at the stylus pens and saw a couple of youtube videos that tell you how to make them. Some more complicated than other and requiring you to find
conductive foam etc...
I just made on using a chop stick, McDonalds straw, a regular blue household cleaning sponge and aluminum foil, that's it.

Wrap the foil around the chop stick like you rolling a join....err cigarette enough times to make it a snug fit into the straw leaving about an inch at the end. note: make sure the foil is covering the end of the chop stick.
Cut a piece of sponge and insert it into the end of the straw so it touches the foil. Then trim the end to a small (or large ball). That's it.
You don't have to contact the foil because it will conduct through the straw.

Works great.
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