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Make AX8 work as FM3 switcher unit....


how about that ihihihih?

Switcher mode, using only the foot controllers to drive the FM3...
So I'd not sell the ax8 for nothing, not buy an expensive FC12, use both ax8 and fm3 spending only 1k$...

Oh please, please...


I feel that’s a waste of a perfectly good AX8.

It is in a way. But you'd have a double rig with a back up. One would feature a simple fm3. One would be the ax8, and yeah ok no updates. And a third combination would be the two together.

So that we ax8 owners would not complain about the missing updates and would spend another 1000$ to mom FAS....


Pretty sure it can’t hold all the new memory needed to make it a regular midi controller AND what it already has.

Neat idea but probably not possible.
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