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Mac OS X "Mojave" update notes


If you upgrade your Mac OS X to Mojave (released yesterday) then the Tools->Send File to MFC-101 and the Tools->Receive Dump from MFC-101 will not work. Everything else works as expected but you will need to use Fractal Bot to send and receive sysex dumps to/from your MFC-101 when you have finished editing them with MFC-Edit.

UPDATE: Sept 27, 2018: I found this workaround for Mojave:

Open a Terminal (from the Applications->Utilities) and paste this command into it:
sudo ln -s /Applications/MFC-Edit.app//Contents/Resources/Java/libmidiops.dylib /Library/Java/Extensions/libmidiops.dylib
Once done, exit MFC-Edit and relaunch it. The Send/Receive should work.
(I haven't thoroughly tested it, but a cursory test worked).
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