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Mac OS 14 Compatibility: ALL CLEAR

Admin M@

Fractal Audio Systems
Our support team has tested all current Fractal Audio products under Mac OS Sonoma 14.0 release version and everything is working fine.
In addition, we tested the Axe-Fx II driver and editor, and AX8-edit, all of which are working well.

As usual, we did all of our testing on a computer that was wiped clean and then set up from scratch with the latest release.
In this case, we tested both an Intel Mac and an Apple Silicon Mac (M1 Max).
Thanks, Matt!

Recently upgraded to Mac OS Sonoma v. 14.0. No current compatibility issues, though likely some of my DAW plug-in licenses are no longer supported. Thankfully, have not needed my DAW in the past year and therefore have been able to let my plug-ins off the hook...
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Hello. It's not working to me. i have MacOs Sonoma
Please add more information. “It’s not working to me.” tells us very little.

The OS in general doesn’t work? Nothing in Fractal’s software is working? Edit or Fractal-Bot or Cab-Lab is not working? Which version, and what are the symptoms? Have you tried figuring what is wrong, and if so, what did you do?
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