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MAC DAW recommendations....


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I would start with GarageBand, get used to that, then get into Logic Pro X. The nice part of that transition is the portability of the work you've done in GB into LP.
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I use Logic 9. It's cheap, simple, and stable. I was really disappointed when Logic X came out as it doesn't really offer any 'pro' features that 9 didn't have already. But it's still cheap, and can't be a step backwards except for the fact it includes auto-tune so will train musicians to play shit and be happy about it :?


If you're interested in purchasing Logic X, or anything else on the Mac app store for that matter, remember that iTunes gift cards work on the app store as well. Since these regularly go on sale at retailers for 20-50% off, substantial savings are there to be had. (Not that Logic isn't an absolute bargain already!) Some quick Google Fu should locate discounted cards near you.


Depends on what your ultimate goal is but I agree with what most have said, either Logic or Ableton. I use Ableton personally because I mostly just use it to jam by myself with, recording loops on the fly and layering sounds. Once you have your setup dialed it's a piece of cake to fire up Live and be jamming in no time at all. Just get yourself a simple midi footswitch and you'll be recording perfectly synced loops at the drop of a hat. If this is what you're after then go with Live. I've used Logic a bit in the past (which is somewhat similar to Garageband) and I'm sure you could set it up to be pretty quick but I've always found there to be quite a bit more tinkering with it to hash out song ideas. I guess I find Live to be better suited for performance and jamming and Logic better for recording and finishing proper songs. Lots of folks will bounce Ableton stems/loops to Logic to finish tracks. I believe the full version of Live is available for demo for 30 days and plenty of midi controllers and computer gear come with a Lite version of Live. Hope this helps a bit.


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Logic Pro X is a definite improvement over Logic 9. I've been using Logic since 7 or so. That being said, I'm getting ready to start using ProTools (required by school) and one advantage to PT is cross platform compatibility (says the guy who hasn't used it yet).



A considerable amount of responses & all valid, which is what i was after.

I have tired GarageBand & yes its great to start with. I Think i'll try Logic Pro X as its offered by Apple & hope that the association will make things work as you would hope. Looking a the Apple hype & reviews its seems a good option for the prive with the options you get.

I'll keep you informed of my progress & if I have the balls to post my efforts, maybe get your opinions.

Thanks to all & if you have anymore comments please continue to post.


Awesome tune! Is that you playing the harmonica? Love the phrasing with that and the guitar!!

Thank you!

LOL! Well, I played the guitar, did the arrangement and programmed the software for my "band" (Its the new version of Band in a Box and it is truly amazing what it can do. It now can use live performances from musicians).


Gotta ask, what guitar did you use & which amp & speaker cab did you use?


I played my 2000 Jackson Soloist SL1 USA and I think I use this patch from the Axe Change p001053_TMATWJetPushST.syx

The drummer was redone in Logic with the new Intelligent Drummer track.

I also did a lot of work "shaping" all the tracks in Logic using Alloy plugins as well.


Cool, I'll check that patch out. I like the sharpness of the tone. It will work nicely with my strat.

I guess i'll be msg'ing you when i dont know how to open Logic Pro X (Day 1 joke! :shock)
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