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Lyric App


Due to band turmoil, I plan to take over lead vocal duties. What is a good lyric for iPad? Do not to see any charts, chords, etc. Just lyrics.


I would have also said OnSong but check on the pricing options. If you just want lyrics and none of the add-ons, it is great. I have used it for many years so I am not part of the new pricing structure.


For my ipad I use the Pages app and when I have the lyrics entered, I send a pdf of the document to iKlip Stage, also on my ipad.


Fractal Fanatic
Set List Maker if you don't mind copying, pasting and formatting your lyrics. Made by the same developer who made Bandhelper but doesn't require a yearly subscription.


Huh? I've never been nickled nor dimed by OnSong after installing it. They do have some add-on features, but I never felt the need for them.

Looks like BandHelper has a yearly subscription fee.
You had me questioning my sanity. I have a perpetual license for BandHelper, not a subscription. But I cannot figure out when I bought it. Might have been a holiday offer.
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