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Lows Disappear When Summing to Mono with Mixed-Res Stereo Cab Block


Recently, I was in a different venue where I had to run mono instead of my normal stereo setup. All my presets are built with stereo in mind, and I didn't want to think through if I'd lose any musical info by just using the LEFT out, so I set it to sum to mono. As I played, I noticed the tone was very thin - the lows had disappeared. I quickly set it to copy L>R, and the problem went away.

When I got home, I looked at my preset, and I noticed that in my cab block, which is stereo, one side was in italics, and one was not. I've recently learned that italics means High/Ultra Res, and non-italics means Normal Res. I reproduced the problem right there - A/B with a "both italics" cab block vs a "one italics and one not", and I could hear the lows disappear with the latter.

So, I now know how to easily avoid this problem, but I want to understand it. Two different resolution Cab IRs resulted in low-end loss. Seems to me like that would be a phase issue, right?


Fractal Audio Systems
It's not the resolution, it's likely the normal res IR is not phase-aligned so you're getting cancellation when summing to mono.
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