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Loving the JCM800 model


That's one of the nicest JCM tones I've heard in a long time. Was the intro clean also JCM800? I'd certainly be interested in how you dialed things in if you want to share!
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*Edit* - Firmware is AX8 9.03

For both the JCM800 and JTM45 the Speaker Drive is 0.05 and Speaker Comp is 3.00.

Impulse is ML Zilla Green M Sm57-R121, all defaults on the cab block.

JCM800 basic page:

Drive - 6.00
Bass - 10 (Try it, lol)
Mid - 7
Treble - 5
Master - 4
Level is -12.8, dial that to what you need

On the dynamics page I dialed the Preamp CF hardness to 7.5 based on a suggestion Cliff made to the forum a couple of days ago for amps with cathode followers. Helps the amps go karang and shaank. They also seem a bit tighter like this, could be my imagination though.

No other settings changed on the JCM800. On the lead sounds I did use the Micro Boost drive block, drive and level were both at 5.

JTM45 for cleans: Same B/M/T settings, Drive is at 3.00, turn it up to 4 if you have a Strat.


Thank you! Will be dialing in another AMP X/Y preset on the AX8 with these settings this afternoon. With this and my Captain Hook preset...maybe I'm a JCM800 person after all? :)
Sweet dude! I'd be interesting in hearing your take on those settings. Also I'm pretty sure any somewhat bright Greenback type IR will do. Creambacks work well with these settings too! Haven't tried it with V30's yet.


Yea, I'll find something no doubt. I own a ridiculous number of IR packs at this point. Probably why I didn't buy the Zilla pack. I have experienced extreme cab pack exhaustion in the past (as has my wallet). :D


Nice! Clear and crisp, with a great definition!

I'll be trying these settings later... And will probably buy that cab pack, since its been on my radar for a while.

What guitar are you using in the track?
I used three guitars for this, but the one for leads and cleans is a 2015 Carvin ST300 with Dimarzio PAF 36th Anniversary Pickups. Love that set! Rhythms were a 2014 Gibson SGJ with SD 59's and a Carvin C624 with the Pearly Gates set.

I did double track the rhythm tracks, 95% Left and 95% Right. The clean intro was a single stereo track
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