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Bug? Loud Thump when switching from Hiwatt preset to Plexi or SVT...not all amp models


Fractal Fanatic
In making my forthcoming Bass TonePack, under FW 10.01 I have found than switching presets (not playing/no input) from a Hiwatt amp preset to certain other presets amps like a Plexi or Ampeg SVT I get a very loud THUMP in my speakers.

It happens from pedal board with no Ax8-Edit active, and also when switching from Ax8-edit. So it's not an Ax8-Edit issue.

It does not happen with all amps -- I can go from a Hiwatt to a Fender Bassman with no thump.

It would be inadvisable to gig with an AX8 if your set list required you switch presets from a Hiwatt to a Plexi or SVT in this way.

Not sure if we will ever get a firmware update beyond FW 10.01 but if we did, it would very nice to have this bug fixed in that.
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