Fixed Lost my Cabs


Very new and just realized I have no Cab's in my Library, did I miss something when I did Beta update?
What cabs? The factory cabs? Firmware updates don’t delete cabs. Where are you looking? There are User and factory cabs.
I don't know what you mean by "library".
Please start by taking a look at the FM3 itself.
Press Home. Press Enter. Nav to the Cab block. Press EDIT.
Find the menu page with Cab Bank and Number parameters.
Change the Cab Number. Cab Names should be displayed on the screen as you do.
Ok I found them this way but why cant I see them in FM3-Edit?
hard to say. we don't know exactly where you're looking.

if anything, in Edit, go to the Settings menu up top, then click Refresh After New FW. this just syncs things between Edit and hardware. it might solve it.

if not, please show us a screenshot of the cabs missing.
This is what I was referring toView attachment 67294
this picture is showing "Manage Cabs." this is where you manage user cabs. the "U" in front of all the cab numbers mean "user."

this is not the place to find factory cabs.

factory cabs are in the cab block. go to your cab block and select them there.

you are simply seeing no user cabs installed.
I had my buddy who's experienced at this guide me but he disappeared and now im left to my own devices lol, sorry for such a rookie goose chase
Im usually decent at doing research but there's a lot to this system if your brand new to it, thanks again for your time..
Yeah like Chris said, this is just your User bank, if you haven't installed any there won't be any there. Just go to your cab block and press the "Picker" button, that should bring up your cabs.
Never knew what the picker was for, haha what a waste of your time, I did try finding a video for this but nothing specific, so tried here, you guys are the best thanks all good.
Don't you hate being new to stuff that you just want to automatically know? The good thing is that these Forum people are very helpful and can get you up and running quickly.
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