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Looking For Feedback On A Custom IR


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I've been experimenting with IR's a fair bit over the last few weeks. The various IR threads here and at TGP have given me a lot to think about and have been doing some 'experiments'.

I'd be curious as to what users thought of the IR attached here.

I'll not reveal if it's a far-field, near-field, nor how I mixed/created it for now.

It's meant to be used without cuts in the CAB block but certainly use them if you feel the need to.

My tests are a work-in-progress and any feedback/thoughts would be appreciated...thanks!



Fractal Fanatic
i try to give it a shoot later this week.
Cool, thanks...!

I'm finding that a high cut in the CAB block to reduce the high end 'mush' sounds better on both IR's, particularly on mid-to-high gain tones. I was going to 'bake' in a cutoff but find it's better to dial that in for a given tone. I've dropped the cutoff to ~6.8KHz for my high gain tone, and higher for mid-gain.

The first IR works best with dark, woofy amps; Fenders, some Marshalls, etc. It can take a lot of Bass/Depth/low end. The second IR is slightly fatter in the low end/mids. Coupled with the high cuts I'm getting some sweet tones with them...
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