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Looking for a good free Windows 10 screen recorder


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I spent a couple of hours trying to record a video capturing my Windows 10 desktop and couldn't imagine how hard it would be. First I started with the Windows built-in screen recorder but had to learn that it will only capture a single window, not the entire desktop. Next I tried CamStudio which gave me a hard time setting up codecs in a way that the result would be usable. I actually had to redo the video about 10 times because the software appears to be full of bugs. I ended up uloading the video to YT and using the YT video editor to add sub-titles. Way too much work for a simple task.

What is everyone else using on Windows 10 ?


New Member
CamStudio is too old to use. I've taken it sometime earlier for a capture, and the heavy stuttering makes me uninstalled it and move on to more windows 10 compatible recorders like obs, ezvid and RecMaster.


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This is why dormant threads should be locked and archived by an auto rule kinda like what reddit does. New member necrobumps are both hilarious and perplexing.
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