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Logic Pro + new Mac M1 (Big Sur)


Fractal Fanatic
All the solutions mentioned for different pitches wouldn’t allow the drummer automated player to play on the additional drums and cymbals, which is the magic to Logic drummer. I don’t want to use a mouse to construct drums by hand. Yes, I have at times to make stop downs when Logic drummer doesn’t do it right. It also doesn’t do cymbal grabs. Convert a segment to midi and then view the piano roll and insert custom licks like that and others - those specialty drumming things are listed on the piano roll.


Power User
Honestly their drum set kit editor is amazing
You can make almost anything you want with a few tweaks

I can’t believe I had to sell my windows 10 cubase 10.5 pro and my iPad Pro to get a Mac mini and Logic Pro and that’s all I wanted for a decade

what a waste of time
Ah, yes. I forgot about that newfangled thing. I've been using logic forever and can't keep up with the progress!
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