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Locking tuner replacement for these tuners?


I’d like to swap these Fender split-post tuners out for locking tuners. Preferably without having to fill or drill holes on the headstock.

Any suggestions on what I should replace them with?



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Anything good you'd probably have to widen the holes for, I only use Schaller locking tuners (not Sperzel), drill the hole out to be ever so slightly smaller than the tuner, press-fit the peanuts out of them into the hole, the extra pressure plus the fact it basically adds 3 pounds of metal to the headstock translates to sustain like you'd get out of a grand piano. sorry for blathering

16:1 ratio, they're 1-better! And heavy!


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I prefer tuners with thumb screws over ones with a slotted posts. Had Gotohs with slotted posts in my ESP Eclipse and ruined one because I tried turning it the wrong way to loosen it. Replaced them with Schallers and never looked back.

Rich G.

Excellent tuners. But keep a screwdriver or a dime in your case. Sometimes it takes a tool to make them let go of the string.
Reminds me of story... I had locking tuners that required a screwdriver or a coin to unlock. I broke a string during a gig and couldn't find a coin to undo the locking screw. I went up to the mic and asked (in front of a packed house) "Does anyone have a quarter I can use? I need it to unlock the string.". It rained quarters on stage for a little while. lol.
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