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Locked in Error 14 trying update


Well, figured I'd update from 2.15 to 2.18 and long story short..Failed

I'm now locked in error 14 and unable to use the mfc at all.

On intitail update, I did get an error 6, but now I can't do a thing.

The update was performed via fractal-bot thru the Axe II, with usb to on and sysex to none.

any Ideas, I'm panicking now,haha


Update: problem not fixed, but reverted via midi-ox back to 2.15 without a hitch.

I will try it again after rehearsal tonight. Hoping it's something simple and idiotic I'm doing, which is likely the case...


Just a question, are you using the ethernet cable or the power supply to power the MFC? I had trouble using the ethernet cable as power supply when updating. Make sure your in and out are right.
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