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Live tone, need some tips.


New here
Hi everyone!

This is my first post here. I'm currently gearing up for some live shows with my new band and I've been trying to get my tone sounding as good as possible, which has proved a challenge. I'm currently using an Ultra with a Matrix GT800FX power amp and an Orange 2x12 cab. I use two Ibanez guitars, one has Dimarzio X2N's in the bridge and Air Nortons in the neck, and the other has EMG 81-85s, so I'm obviously going to have to tweak patches for each guitar.

There are many aspects of my tone that I like, however I do feel with more tweaking I can get that desired sound that I am after. Currently I feel that my tone lacks a bit of balls, and there are some high frequencies that might sound a little harsh still. One day I'll be super happy with my tone, the next day with fresh ears I'll decide nah it sucks.

Live I will be running through a cab, and also going through to FOH. Basically I want balls to the wall with great clarity. I play in a progressive metalcore band, and I'll include a link below our song which helps gives an idea.

So yeah, just after tips on how I can achieve the monster tone. I think I need to do more tweaking with the Parametric EQ, but I'm still somewhat of a rookie with it and not sure what exact frequencies I should be boosting and cutting. I have uploaded the patch too. Cheers everyone!



With a parametric eq try cutting 100-110Hz around -3, cut 500Hz around -1.5-2. Boost 2000Hz +1 or 2. For me that usually cleans things up nicely although I always run straight to FOH & use in ears. If the highs & mids sounds just a bit harsh when you are playing by yourself that's probably a good thing - it will help cut through the mix once you are playing with a bass & kick drum.
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