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LIVE-Routing through Ext. sound card or DI from AXE to FOH?

So for my band, we use IEM and i have been routing EVERYONE (Bass, Guitar, Vocals, Backing tracks, etc) through the Scarlett 18i20, I then send the FOH tails from the scarlett. I A/B'd the DI signal from the Scarlett and then DI from the AXE-FX...and the DI fro the AXE-FX was better, IMO. Does the Scarlett color tone or tone suck? I wonder if it is bc I am running the Line 6 wireless, into axe-fx, into the Scarlett and then out. (digital, into digital, into digital and then essentially into digital FOH). Has anyone else had experience with this or can shed light/tips on this kind of a setup?


You would think that the fact that it's staying 'digital' the whole way that there would be no affect on the tone? Are the sample rates all the same? The Axe-Fx is fixed at 48K.....
yep, same sample rate and everything. I agree with you...doesn't make sense. I did notice a drop in the low-end when I switched to the Line 6 G10 Wireless...thats what got me thinking, then I A/B'd them and heard a difference for sure, even the feel was different. Direct out from the axe-fx felt more responsive, and sounded rich.


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Well, how is it all digital?

Guitar -> Line 6, AD conversion 1
Assuming Line 6 transmits digitally, Line 6 - Scarlett, DA conversion 1, AD conversion 2.
Scarlett - FOH, DA conversion 2, AD conversion 3.
FOH - back to Scarlett, DA conversion 3, AD conversion 4.
Scarlett - your IEM transmitter, DA conversion 4, AD conversion 5.
Assuming your IEM system transmits digitally, your IEM beltpack - your phones, DA conversion 5.

Since wireless systems may transmit digital radio signal, analog signal, or some combinations thereof, there could be other AD/DA conversions as well.

It doesn't look "all digital" to me. And Focusrite isn't exactly known for putting top notch converters in there gear. Neither is Line 6. And who knows what FOH has.
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