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Live rig with Axe-Fx III + UA Arrow + Fishman Triple Play + Laptop DAW


New here
So I'm trying to figure out how I want to configure my ultimate live rig. The Axe FX is at the core of it but I also want to be able to use my Fishman Triple Play along with possible leveraging UA plugins and other plugins available within a DAW. The combinations of how I can achieve all of this are kinda mind numbing so I'm hoping some others on here can share what they are using? Do you run everything into a DAW like Ableton or Logic or Protools. Do you loop the computer stuff into the Axe FX via the effects loop? Do you run the Axe FX as the sound main sound card for the computer or would you use the Arrow or some other dedicated interface? Right now I was thinking my Arrow would be the main out for all the computer audio but I'd run one of the outputs from the Axe FX to the inputs on the arrow as well so I could also take advantage of the unison plugins there. My speakers have dual inputs so I could run the main audio out of the Arrow there and also the output from the Axe FX. I know I probably just have to experiment on my own to see what the best options are for my personal workflow but if anyone wants to share what they do I'd love to hear it. Also, anyone have any experience with Mainstage? I've taken a quick look at that as a plugin platform but was curious how effective it is. Cheers!
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