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Live Recording from Board! Blues/Fusion groove



First solo at 3:35 the 2nd one about 6:00. The 6:00 one goes somewhere at some point.

Hey man this my first time posting a recording on here. It's a live track pretty much straight from the board so excuse any unprofessional mixing etc. But both the guitars in this track are fractal. I'm the lead player with the solo starting about 3:35 and a longer jam occurring at the end of the song. I think the guitar work is fairly decent.

I"m playing a carvin SH65 here with Joe Barden humbuckers I just had installed this week. The patch is an Axe II patch using the Carr roamer model with stereo cab of one of Buddy's boutiques and Cab 103. If anyone is interested in the patch I can post it. I"m running direct to the board via stereo xlr. The other guitar is an ax8 running direct with some rotary etc.

Oh yeah it's me singing too. Hope my voice doesn't sound too vaginal.

Let me know what you guys think even if it sucks! I can take it.
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