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Live AX8: Alice In Chains


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Thanks. Yeah, it was on a roadcase that was vibrating. Didn't realize it until I looked at the footage after the fact.
for a second I thought it was for effect because you changed cameras.... lol. nice What amp , cab , wah did you use ? - if you don't mind sharing ? I'm an old AIC fan myself.


I don't have my Ax8 in front of me, since it's packed for a gig tomorrow, but I believe it was HBE V2 for rhythm and lead. For rhythm I use a PEQ before the amp and cut about 2-3db below 300hz and put a slight bump around 1500hz. It tightens it up and makes it more aggressive. For the lead I bypass that EQ to fatten it up a little.

I think the cab is OH V30 Mesa. I can't remember the wah model.

Thanks for listening guys.


Really well done! Thanks for sharing the amp settings, really a good tone! Jerry around the Facelift/Dirt is one of my all time favorite guitar players, great tone, great riffs, everything.

Great performance too. Really strong singer that does well even if he's not trying to exactly copy Layne.


Absolutely killer. Sh!t I wish there were some good live bands around where I live. Fantastic sounding group.
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