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Implemented List of used presets


I would be happy if I have overlooked something and this exits already, but I would like to have a list like in the File Menu of for example Logic Pro with the most recent used Projects or in the case of the AxeFX3 the most recent used Presets. The best thing would be a list of all Presets which have ever been used.
So why would someone need this? There are sometimes songs in which I use like ten different Presets, but I don't always keep track of them. So it can happen that I adjust the volume for one Preset in Owner of a lonely heart, but I use the same Preset in Is this Love. I know that I could duplicate the Presets, but I don't have always such an organized approach. I was thinking that I could maybe one day mark all the Presets which are used in one or more songs. For example the name of those Presets could always begin with this # as a marker. I don't have millions of songs, but I have already lost control over the presets I am using. So maybe I am not the only one...
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