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Liquid Foot Junior available in Europe?


I'm in Europe. We all have to order from Liquid-Foot directly.
I've been waiting since december.
That says it all... ;-)


New here
Hi, ordered one in October. First didn't get any answer. Then a little later in December got the order-confirmation after several emails, pms and forum posts. Had e-mail conversation about waiting times and other stuff and wanted to pay immediately and get one as fast as possible but then never heard from Jeff again.

As I'm in Germany I decided I had to find something in Europe NOW and ended up buying a Gordius Little Giant and I am very happy with it although it's not as small as the Liquid Foot jr.. Therefore it's highly programmable and flexible. There is nearly nothing you can't do with it. Xavier has done a great job.

Maybe I'll give the LF a try sometime in the future anyway as I like the small dimensions of it, or maybe I'll go for a MFC-101 if it'll ever be available and I'll need more switches. But I think I won't ever sell my Little Giant.


Hi SensaiLee,
same situation for me here in Germany....
Is the Little Giant easy to programm for the axe ?


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