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Liquid Foot Forum


Fractal Fanatic
Just went to peak at the FAMC forum to see if anything was new. The place is infested by spam. It's like finding a thousand rats in some old house. Disgusting.


So sad.. dude had a great product. Had a LF Jr, Pro, and then 12+, would still have the 12+ if my eyes didn't start going the way of the dodo.


Power User
I'm still using my Jr+ as there's nothing else in the market packs that much power in such a tiny footprint. Thankfully, during his last resurection, Jeff got rid of most of the bugs. My hope is really beginning to wane that the company will ever come back. I still want to SEE an X-16...I would have thought NDA's would be out the door when he went MIA like this, but that's why I'm not a lawyer.


Are any of you on the latest firmware? I think I held off because it didn't seem like too much new was added or addressed.


In limbo at best. Items out of stock forever, new products years in development and teasing but never released, firmware updates every few years that occasionally cause as many problems as they fix, and non-responsive communication when it comes to both the forum and help tickets.

that said, I’m still running an lf12+ as my main controller. Not motivated enough to jump to an RJM, Morningstar, or fractal controller. A used LF may be a good option if you don’t expect manufacturer support.


Power User
I still use my LF+ 12+ and Pro+ and haven't had any issues using them since the newest Firmware v6.32 with the Axe-Fx II or Axe-Fx III but also have a RJM Mastermind GT 22. The past couple weeks I've been trying to setup my RJM MMGT22 to get it to do everything my LF+ can do. I'm trying to sell a bunch of my gear but can't decide if I want to sell my LF+ controllers because they work great and I like putting them in expander mode, so I have access to 36 buttons.
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