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Line 6 Helix Reviews Are Starting to Appear...


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that was guessing as much as it was informed speculation, since that's how all Fractal products up to that point had operated. one dsp for amps and cabs, one for effects.

sure we may speculate, but it's because many of us have years of experience with the product and interaction with the team on this board. it's not just blind guesses in the dark.


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Now, after the joking note, some sound test. I guessed 4 out of 5, but they are pretttttty close if you ask me.
Line 6 | Helix
That was fun. But totally irrelevant.

As a user, I want to know what the unit sounds like out of the box. How does Helix, or the AX8, sound out of the box in comparison to an amp. How does the internal Helix speaker sim sound in comparison to a mic'd up amp/cab. I could not care less about some studio test that is so far removed from a real world usage scenario. We could set up the same test with any number of units and get inconclusive results.


I took that sound test several times, 4 out of 5 I spotted the Line6... as beeing the amp... Go figure! Every time I got it right only at the second sound sample.


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I was at Guitar Center yesterday. I mentioned I had an Axe FX II. Boy was the strings counter not promoting the Helix. I mean, if their sales guys don't do better, they're all fired....

What everyone agreed on was the quality of the Axe FX as a recording studio tool versus the Kemper. Now that is a sophisticated store.

(Couldn't resist this thread really, my European lineage is a bit ashamed but my Yankee is thrilled).


I tried a Helix for a couple of hours yesterday. I was amazed by how easy it was to use, how quickly I was able to start and complete really usable sounds, and adored how it's manufactured.
The few patches I made sounded killer at a low volume and perfect at high volume. The overall feel of the patches were again, surprising.
The display was beautiful. Again, very intuitive and easy to manipulate. There's a Tonestack button by the screen was my best friend. As I was creating patches I was able to immediately bounce back and make subtle corrections. The Axefx always got tricky for me in this regard. As I wander down the Fractal Rabbit hole I sometimes got lost and over-edited sounds. Of course I got better at it and made the sounds I wanted with my axe, but nonetheless ...
The joystick seemed a bit weird to use because it seemed hyper sensitive but I got the hang of it soon enough.

In closing, I got what I expected from this thread. A lot of bullshit and assumptions with a few worthwhile statements that ended up with butt hurt. Line6 has always been pretty useless to me and actually caused me to hate modelers. The Axefx has changed the way I view music and tone quality forever, and I'm grateful as hell for it. But the truth is, the Helix is a great piece of gear and has completely changed my personal opinion of L6. This is a killer piece of gear that is easy as hell to use, has almost zero learning curve, is accurately priced, and can survive a fall off a roof.
Guitar gear defensiveness and blind loyalty is absurd. Allow companies to improve why doncha? Fractal has created one hell of product and other companies have obviously taken note and have begun to compete. Very very well too.
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